Decentralized Edge Network

Fleek Network is optimized to facilitate the deployment and running of performant, geo-aware decentralized web and edge services.

Fleek Network Layer 1
Fleek Network Layer 1
Fleek Network Layer 1
// Modern WEB3 Infrastructure //

Giving Web3 an edge


Supercharge Your Web3 Stack

Fleek Network is an open-source edge computing platform for accelerating the development and execution of decentralized web services.


Decentralized dynamic or static content acceleration.

Edge Compute

Run verified, unverified, ZK, or any other compute.

Naming Services

Manage domains and do performant lookups on the edge.


Deliver web3 apps pre-rendered on Fleek Network.


Detect and react to on-chain events from Fleek Network.


Save, orchestrate, and operate on web3 data.


Don’t just Use Services, Build Them.

Protocols, platforms, and apps can build/utilize decentralized services on Fleek Network to optimize performance and reduce their dependency on centralized cloud providers. Developers can build faster and launch better products by offloading parts of their stack to the Fleek Edge, and allowing them to focus on the core features.

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Bringing the Modern Web Stack to Web3

Our mission

Using corporate controlled web infrastructure has the same inherent risks as using banks.

Censorship, de-platforming, data abuse/tampering, etc. The opposite of what the web was supposed to be.

The web was meant to be open, permissionless, borderless, and free of centralized gatekeepers.

The modern web is far from that. And as more of the worlds information, infrastructure, and peoples daily lives rely on the internet, this problem will only become worse.

Web3 has a real chance to solve the problem. But in order for Web3 to compete, we need to be as good as Web2.

Performance is critical to that. Our mission is to bring that performance to Web3. And help allow the web to be free again.

Want to contribute to Fleek?

Become an early service developer, or testnet node operator.

Node Operators

Run edge nodes on Fleek Network to perform work and earn fees.


Build or utilize decentralized web and edge services.