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curl https://get.fleek.network | bash


An alternative to traditional content delivery networks without a central authority that is reliable and censorship-resistant.


Contrary to traditional CDN networks, it grows only on demand, designed to be scalable, highly available and fault tolerant.


The layer responsible for governing the network so that the different nodes/actors with different roles can operate within one body.

Token Rewards

Adopting a shared economy lets anyone participate with bandwidth and computation in exchange for FLK, the protocol token.

Run a node

Install a Network Node in a Linux Server e.g., Ubuntu or Debian latest by using our "Get Fleek Network", an assisted installer to help onboard as quickly as possible.

You can also read our complete guides on how to get started with native builds here!

# Get a custom domain name from a registrar of your liking# or, create a subdomain in an existing domain you may have# and update the DNS Record type A settings to answer# with the server public IP address# where the Network Node is going to be installed and run

# You can find it in domain registrar dashboard

Record A | Your-domain | Your-server-ip

# Copy or type the command provided in our website# to a terminal connected to the machine or server# where the Network Node will be installed and run

curl https://get.fleek.network | bash

# Or, copy to a local install file# you have to set execute permissions to file# e.g., chmod +x install

curl https://get.fleek.network > install

# Do a quick health check to verify that the domain# is indeed running and set up correctly# use curl to call the /ping endpoint# you should get the response back "pong"

curl https://your-domain/ping

# If you'd like to learn more about health-checks# read our guide here


  • We just announced our $25M Series A raise to build Fleek Network, a decentralized CDN for web3! Read more here.

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